Funeral Videos

Funerals can be a tough time for families and friends of those who have passed. While having a video record of the funeral and related events may not be something that comes to mind quickly, our experience has proven that the loved ones are very grateful to have a video memory of the events. Often is the case, people may attend funerals who have not been seen for a long time by family and friends. A funeral is not just about those who have departed but is an event for those are are still living. A time to reconnect with long lost connections as well as pay your final respects to the departed. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, from simple ceremony only recordings, graveside, and receptions following the services. It is often at the receptions where the best recordings are made, where people are more open to reflect on those loved ones who have passed. We are always respectful and perform in a way that puts the least amount of attention on our recording process.